Hashtag on Facebook – everybody talks about it

One of the latest changes on Facebook is


What I love about Facebook is that they constantly improve their features and help business owners to be discovered.

Somehow Facebook introduced # hashtags only recently, it’s been widely used by Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for a long time (in the end of the blog there is a picture about history of hashtag).

If you are a business owner you should include hashtags into your marketing toolkit.

This is a tool that allows you to be discovered when somebody is looking for particular services or products. In the video below I am showing you how you can use hashtags in your marketing.

Become strategic when use hashtags – when you come up with the name for it, think about what people might type in the search box. There is no point in coming up with a fancy name if nobody uses it. If you want to use your business name as hashtag use it together with common use keywords. For instance, if I want to establish online marketing  explorers as a brand name, I will be using it alongside with more common search terms as marketing or online marketing:

#onlinemarketingexplorers #marketing #onlinemarketing


In order to make it clickable you need to type #keyword (without any gaps).

Use it when you post on your computer and also when you type on your mobile, it doesn’t work on mobile yet but when people read your posts on computer they can follow your hashtags.

Please leave in the comments below whether you use hashtags on Facebook or other Social Media channels. What is your attitude towards Facebook as a marketing platform?

Typing a word “hashtag” in the search box I found this interesting picture that shows history of a hashtag:

Source: The History of the #Hashtag——By Kevin Basset

The History of the #Hashtag——By Kevin Basset

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Belinda Rose says June 22, 2013

No, I don’t use hashtags. I am a newbie to the social networking world and I have to say all of this stuff just perplexes me! :)Thank goodness for woman that understand it and can teach the rest of us.

    Inga Deksne says June 25, 2013

    hi Belinda, being a Newbie to the social networking is a very good place to be, so many things you can learn. In my online training there are people who call themselves Techno Dinosaurs and now they are creating beautiful things on Facebook.

Jessica says June 22, 2013

Gary Vaynerchuk just recently did a piece called something like “ride the hashtag, don’t create it.” I’ve tried hashtags on Twitter with varying degrees of success (the more common the word, the more success) but I’ve shied away from it on FB. Question: if your hashtag is really just a pithy commentary like #waitingforthecall, and not directly relevant to your topic, does it help?

    Inga Deksne says June 25, 2013

    Thanks Jessica for the question, the use of hashtags on Facebook is similar to one on Twitter and LinkedIn. if your hashtag is not relevant to your topic it doesn’t help, very often on Twitter people use it more conversational.

Jacqueline Fairbrass says June 24, 2013

Thank you. I knew I had to research and find out about this and was putting it off. You have explained in such an easy to understand way.

I can now go and start using Facebook Hashtags with ease…phew!

And I love the little history graphic.

    Inga Deksne says June 25, 2013

    great stuff Jacqueline, glad that I was able to help you. What’s you Facebook page name?

Kelly Cavanaugh says June 24, 2013

Hi Inga,
I read your post and watched the video… this is great news. I have a question, by using hashtags how do you ensure that they connect people back to your personal website?

    Inga Deksne says June 25, 2013

    Thanks Kelly for your question, by using hashtags you cannot link it back to your website, unless you use hashtag with your website url which I wouldn’t advise, it’s too long and it’s not a purpose of the hashtag. Hashtags allow you to become a part of the commonly discussed topic, if somebody is looking for specific thing on Facebook and if you happen to hastag that word you will be in that selection. When you post pictures on Facebook in the description box you can add your website url so people can click on it.

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