Facebook Ads Magic Workbook

Facebook Ads for your Business MADE SIMPLE

​Download Facebook Ads Workbook and get a free ticket to up to three           live online workshops.

There is no doubt that Facebook ads are one of the most lucrative and efficient  and cheapest tools that you can use to reach your ideal audience.

It’s difficult to believe that Facebook ads can bring results if you’ve already spent a lot of money and not seen the results!

You have watched a lot of tutorials that show how to run ads but you are still unsure how to make Facebook ads successful.

  • Have you been putting off doing Facebook ads?
  • Are you wishing for somebody to sit down with you and take you through step by step how to create a compelling Facebook ad?
  • Are you looking to reach out to more people via Facebook easily and effortlessly?
  • Are Facebook Ads still a mystery for you?
  • Do you feel annoyed that you have to pay for your content to be visible on your Facebook page?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions then I have a solution for you:

Here is what you will find in the workbook:

    • Facebook Ads simplified - 3 video tutorials on what you need to prepare before you publish your ads to make them successful. 
    • How to create Facebook ads to increase the number of your Facebook page fans even on a limited budget.
    • How to create Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website and signup pages.
      • Elements that determine how successful your ads are.
      • ​How to read your ads result report and how to tweak them.
      • ​FREE tickets (up to four per year) to live online workshops

Who is this workbook for?

  • You haven't done ads before but willing to give it a go
  • You want to get new leads and clients from Facebook
    • You want to know how to run Facebook ads on a shoestring budget

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Next live online Facebook Ads Magic workshop is on 11th April  2017

My name is Inga Deksne, I am originally from Latvia, and I moved to London 9 years ago, so am very familiar with how to start again from scratch in an unknown territory. My social media started in 2012, since then I have helped many business owners establish their social media presence from scratch. 

When I started using Facebook for my business in 2010, I outsourced my Facebook ads to one agency, I spent over £300 got zero results and no knowledge of what went wrong.

That’s why I invested in learning from Industry Leaders, I still do. Facebook changes – what worked 6 months ago doesn’t work today, so it is necessary to keep up with latest updates.

I have created successful ads for myself and for my clients. Not all of them have been a success from the first click, of course, but what my clients know is that I am always there for them and they don’t need to face Facebook challenges alone.

The whole process for them is easy and works like magic.


Victoria Comiskey

I had created a new service that I wanted to offer out to my existing and new clients and from previous experience using traditional advertising wanted to find a way to get my message in front of the right people and more importantly make it easy from them to approach me. I knew that Facebook was the cleverest way of doing this but find Facebook bewildering and a little daunting. I has also heard horror stories of people spending large sums of money on advertising through Facebook so wanted to make sure I did things properly. I signed up one to one help with Inga and I am so delighted with the results. She made it so easy for me to set up, patiently explained what I did not understand and most importantly I ended up generating approximately €2000 from a combination of emails and €30 Facebook advertising. The very interesting thing for me was that some of the people that responded to Facebook also received emails but did not see the emails. Inga made it very simple, easy and straightforward and I highly recommend her.


"My aim coming to Inga was to market my book The Paradigm Shift through Facebook ads and Twitter. I found Inga extremely helpful with the ability to immediately see what was needed. She was very patient and showed me exactly what I needed to know. I'm grateful that she was recommended to me, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with social media.Thanks Inga."        (David Anderson, Author)