The Client Attraction Roadmap

An Online Programme for Intuitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Instead of creating a traditional sales page I wanted to write you a letter and share some good news with you.

Dear Intuitive and Spiritual Entrepreneur,

You may not call yourself like this, but if you don't roll your eyes when you hear about the Law of Attraction, Angels and "... the Universe has your back..." then this letter is definitely for you.​

I wanted to talk to you because I know that right now, you are probably frustrated and overwhelmed.​ You may be even on the verge of giving up having your own business and looking through job advertisements (been there done that.)

You have a gift that you want to share with the world, you know that your skills can serve people on a much bigger scale than it is right now. Deep down in your heart you know that you are meant to make a difference and leave a legacy.

​And I know that YOU are destined to attract people who desperately need your help. How do I know?

It's because you are reading this letter, my mission is to help people like you who are meant to play big. Our paths have crossed because I can help you share your gifts and become visible to your ideal audience.

Knowing your destiny makes your current situation even more painful.​

​There is so much advice online from various industry experts on how to run your business, how to use social media etc, sometimes they even contradict each other.

You scroll down through many posts and articles teaching what you should be doing on social media, and the more you read the more you feel that you are not doing enough.It's frustrating! All you want to do is to be you and do what you love but this nagging feeling that you may miss out on opportunity to be visible to your future clients terrifies you. 

You have probably bought tons of courses and invested a lot of money into your business but you haven't seen much difference in your business so far. And you have this sinking feeling that I am going to offer you another course, and you are secretly hoping that this is just a nice letter and not an invitation to buy from me.

I hear you. I promise that this letter will be valuable for you even if you decide that what I am offering is not for you.  

With this letter I want to remind you that being you is enough, and that you were not given dreams without ability to make them real! 

Now, let's talk about social media. Sometimes it seems that life was much easier before Facebook, Twitter and other platforms have emerged. Can I tell you that you don't need to catch up with latest technologies if it is not your thing, what you need to do is to step into your power. 

You need to trust in your ability to succeed and find the best solutions for you and your business.

Have you noticed that I couldn't stop myself from giving you advice? What's the difference between me and other thousands of experts?

The difference is that I use my intuition as my main business tool. I connect with you on a soul level and I can guide you to your best possible solution but you will be the one who makes the final decision.

I've been teaching a lot of people how to use social media in their businesses efficiently. Some of them made money the very next day after our session. (not bragging just sharing what's possible)

I was  privileged to witness how some spiritual business owners went from hating technology and social media to embracing it and enjoying using it because they were able to find what works for them. 

At the beginning of this letter, I promised good news, here it is -  I have found a solution for you that may help take your frustration and overwhelm away and bring clarity and content instead. 

The best part is that today I want you to do only a tiny but significant step.

But before that, before you start scrolling down to see how much it will cost, let's get clear whether this offer is really for you, or I am the only one who thinks that it's awesome :-) 

Starting from September we will begin building Your Client Attraction Road Map. How do I envision that?

It will take us 90 days to work together with other Intuitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

First, we will evaluate and test your current client attraction system, you will choose what results you would like to achieve and I will show you how to do it. 

Then we will create a plan and a step-by-step system to implement it. 

I know that at the moment it sounds like any other programme - but please bear with me because this is the foundation that we can't ignore. 

I need to know what has worked for you and what you would like to change so I am able to recommend a unique path for you and your business.

I will show you which social media platforms to use actively for your business, and which of the platforms need to work on your behalf without your active participation but equally efficiently generating business for you. 

Did I mention that we start only in September? There is a reason why I am writing this letter for you today - the moment you express your wish to join me I will start working for you. I will become your friendly stalker and tune into your business and you as a person. 

I am only an aspiring Superwoman so I won't be able to serve masses with this offer. Though I am confident that I will be able to help 20 people. 

I hope that I am explaining my offer clearly, if not drop me a message (

What can you expect from working with me and a group of people (not more than 20 including you)?

  • You will have a lead generation that is streamlined and that brings you a consistent stream of clients.
  • You will have easy to follow tutorials to be able to implement necessary technological aspects.

I used to teach English grammar to teenagers in Latvia, and they were not very keen learners to begin with, so I had to develop skills on how to explain complicated things in an easy and fun way.

  • Your social media presence will be optimised and integrated with your lead generation system.
  • You will know how to use social media actively and passively and you will feel in total control.
  • And the main part, we will also work on mindset.

I am sure that you want to have a flourishing business but it means that your life is going to change. And we, humans, don't like changes, even when they bring desired results. 

  • We will have a lot of fun too! That's a given.

If you are still reading this letter, and you feel that our collaboration is the gift sent from the Heavens, you are probably asking yourself "how much does it cost?".

The investment in this 90-day programme is £997( around $1285) but I have some good news around the price though.

Did you remember I mentioned that some people who generated money on the second day of working with me, or even received money before our work had started, those people were action takers. 

The biggest success comes when you follow your intuition by taking inspired actions. 

I want to recognise action takers that's why for people who sign up by 8th August 2017 or the first 20 (whichever comes first,  the price is £797 ($1027).

If you are in, you can make your payment here!

In the past I had to decline opportunities to invest in myself purely because I didn't have enough money to pay the whole amount in full. If this is your case then I also have good news for you. You can pay in installments.

Because we start in September the payment can be split into 5 payments (after 8th August I will be able to offer only a 4-month payment plan)

Your investment is £165 x 5 (or if you operate in dollars then it's approximately  $212 x5)

To set up your 5 payment subscription, click here

So what do you think? What does your intuition tell you?

I don't want you to pay me for the sake of getting paid. I want you to be successful that's why if you have any doubts that our collaboration can be nothing but successful probably the time is not right, and it's ok. Don't feel guilty if you are not in a position to join me on 8th September 2017. 

But if you know that having access to the digital library and group calls with me twice a month is an absolute dream come true I will be happy to welcome you into this programme.

Lots of love,


P.S. Let's recap information about my offer:

  • The Client Attraction Programme starts on 8th September 2017​
  • It lasts 90 days.
  • It consists of 2 monthly group online coaching calls and access to training library.​
  • The number of participants is maximum 20 people.
  • The content is customised to the needs of participants. ​
  • ​The special price of £797 ($1027) is available till 8th August 2017.

​I have an additional gift for you, if you sign up by 25th July 

The 5-month membership in "The 100 Magical Creators" group (value £235)