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3 stages of live broadcasting – how it impacts your business

This article is written to help entrepreneurs who haven’t tried live broadcasting yet, or tried a couple of times but haven’t turn it into a business tool. It doesn’t cover technical aspects (which button to press) it’s more about mindset and how to overcome any internal blocks of using live broadcasting tools.

Many business owners know that livestreaming is hot right now and it is the easiest and fastest way to connect with your audience . Yet, not many businesses embrace it. Facebook is actively promoting the use of Facebook live, if you use Facebook Live on your business page you will see that it gets more organic reach than your other posts.

Facebook is heavily investing in promoting the use of Facebook Live, in London you can see these ads at the bus stop.

bus stop ad FB

I have “convinced” many business owners to give it a try at least once. You most likely won’t get customers after the first or second live broadcast but you will become more visible to people who never heard of you before, and based on your content they can become loyal followers, and then customers.

In this article I would like to talk about 3 stages of live broadcasting that influences whether you become a proficient broadcaster or you have disappointing results.

3 stages of live broadcasting – how it impacts your business

Stage 1 – Pre-broadcasting

This stage starts from the moment when you decide that you are going to do a live broadcast. It can be the case that you feel determined to do it on regular basis and embrace technology and unease of a livestreaming.

The length of this stage depends on how much inner resistance kicks in. You may come up with the excuse that you don’t have a fancy tripod or place to do the broadcast, or you have a face for radio on that day.

It’s important at this stage to be aware that these are only excuses. You can create a stand from your books while you are waiting for your tripod to arrive. As you can see in the image below there was my very first broadcast two years ago and I had to be creative to make sure that people can see me.

Adobe Spark (25)

To make sure that you move swiftly from stage 1 to stage 2 the best way is just do it – jot down ideas that you are going to talk about, and press the button. Start your broadcast with welcoming replay viewers and greeting live viewers.

Stage 2 – Live broadcast

This stage is the easiest one. Once you’ve pressed GO Live there is no way back and you just go ahead.

Don’t worry if nobody is watching you live, tailor your broadcast for the replay viewers, besides you always can repurpose your content and if there is no interaction it means that you have less editing work to do.

Things to remember at this stage – it’s a talk, it’s not a presentation. Yes, it helps, if you have a structure of your talk, but the essence of the livestream is interaction. You want engagement not just to deliver your talk.

If you still don’t feel brave enough to try livestreaming, connect with me, I have great record at converting newbies into active livestreamers.


Stage 3 – after the broadcast

This stage determines how soon you are going to do your next broadcast. At this stage there is a tendency to be super self-critical and judgmental. Sometimes you want to delete your broadcast as soon as it is finished.

Self-reflection is useful only when you are focusing on how you can improve your performance rather than keeping digging into what went wrong, and that you are not going to do it ever again. We tend to be our harshest critics.

You need to understand that the only way to improve your livestream presence is only by practising it on a regular basis. Yes to listening to training on how to do live broadcasts; yes to read tips on improving your presentation skills; watch other broadcasters and pick up their techniques, but ultimately you need to do live broadcasts on regular basis if you want to be good at doing them.

Your viewers don’t want you to be perfect, they want to learn from you and learn about you.

I have set a support group that helps you to get your social media activities done, including practising livestreaming in a safe and supportive environment Social Media Mastery and Business Journey Club.


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How to integrate your activities on Busker on Facebook business page

In this article I am talking about how to

integrate your activities on Busker on your Facebook business page.

Sharing how to:

  • promote your scheduled broadcast on Facebook;
  • repurpose your broadcast after the show.

Busker is one the newest livestream apps emerging in the digital world. While it doesn’t have many users yet in comparison to Periscope for instance, it does have features that other livestream apps don’t provide.

On Busker you can get paid directly by your viewers without them leaving the broadcast and you can schedule your broadcast.

I embrace new apps but I always find the ways how I can combine it with Facebook. Not only because Facebook is my favourite platform but because it is one of the biggest players in the market and people are hanging there by default.  Besides the Busker app is new and there are not that many users yet, so you may want to invite your Facebook friends to join you.

NOTE: when this article was created there wasn’t an option for Android users but it’s coming very soon, meanwhile people can watch you on desktop (without being able to interact)

Busker has this super feature that you can schedule your profile.  When you create a broadcast you can choose to share it on Twitter automatically. Technically you can do on Facebook as well but personally for me that option is grayed out.

I will show you how you can promote your Busker presence both on your Facebook personal profile and your business page.

How to promote your upcoming show on Busker on Facebook.

After you have scheduled your broadcast, you need to share the link to it, so people can subscribe. Click on the icon:



scheduled post

It will take you to this screen:



After you’ve clicked on the Facebook icon you will see the following screen, click on the arrow “>”

share to


You will be given a choice either to share to your personal timeline or in the groups. You can’t share the link simultaneously to different places. If you want to share on your personal profile and in the groups – share on your profile first and then share from your profile into the groups.

NOTE: if you are not an admin of the group, before you share the link to your Busker broadcast, make sure that the group admin is ok with you to share and you are not overstepping any group rules.

When you share on your profile make sure that the settings for that post is set on public thus it can be easily shared by anyone and is visible also to people who are not friends with you on Facebook. If the post is not public you won’t be able to share it on your business page:

where to share


This is how it can look on your personal profile:

how it looks on Busker app


Now you need to share it on your Facebook page as well. These are steps you need to take to share from your phone. when you click on Share button these options will appear, Click on “Write post”


sharing from the profile


By default Facebook will offer you to post on your Timeline, you need to click on “Tap to Change” and choose your page. Make sure that it’s a public post so you can share to your page.

tap to change


This is how you share links to your scheduled Busker broadcasts.

How to repurpose your Busker broadcasts.

You can share the replay links the same way. But most likely Facebook will decrease organic reach for those posts because they don’t want you to lead people away from the page.

If you broadcasts are no longer than 20 minutes you can save them on your telephone or iPad and then upload directly on Facebook. Like this:


Hope to see you on my Busker broadcasts – Inga Deksne||Social Media Magic

If you have any questions around Social Media, please join my free Facebook group “Social Media Magic with Inga”


11 Tips on using Facebook Live for your business

11 Tips on using Facebook Live for your business

Livestreaming is becoming more and more popular. There are so many opportunities now to connect with people all around the world in a live mode. Now your followers can see the real you, not the polished video but real you, and they can communicate with you in a real time.

I think if you are serious about your business you can’t ignore livestream. In this article I would like to talk about Facebook Live, I prefer it better to Periscope, though I believe that we need to maintain presence on both platforms.


Some recommendations on using Facebook Live:

Check if you have this option:

Currently almost IOS users (iPhone and iPad) have them. You can check it by looking for a Facebook Live icon in your status bar. See the picture below.

facebook live icon

Facebook live icon


Use Facebook live on both – your personal profile and Business page.

To use it on your business page make sure that you have Facebook Page Manager app installed on your phone.

Advantages of using FB live on your profile:

♦ Your friends get notification that you go live, thus more interaction.

♦ Build closer connection with people on your friends list, especially with those who are not your close friends.

♦ Let your friend know what you do for a living, so they may refer you to their friends.

♦ It can be both personal life related “I am walking my dog” or work related “…I am working on a new webinar”.


Advantages of having Facebook live on your Business page:

♦ Usually Facebook Live gets wider reach than other post types;

♦ Even though in the beginning  it has less interaction than on your Personal profile but it allows your fans to connect with you on a human level, even when they watch the replay;

♦ It allows your fan to get to know you not only as your industry expert but also as a person.


It is tempting to do Facebook Live on Personal profile rather on your Business page because you get higher numbers on your personal profile (see the picture below, both shows where done on the same day , one on personal profile with more than 100 views and on personal page with 1 person).

Stats after live show on the Personal Profile


I would recommend that you spend more time developing your livestreaming on Facebook business page.


Here are some tips how you can get more viewers on your business page:

1.Announce your shows in advance – both on your business page and personal profile, give several time zones.


2. Try to see if doing the show at the same time increases the number of live viewers.


3. Create catchy titles of your livestream broadcast.


 4. State the topic to your livestream in the first 10 seconds, and only after that introduce yourself.


5.Your shows needs to be longer than 10 minutes because it will gives an opportunity to more people to notice that you have went live.


6. In the end of the show invite people to subscribe to  your live shows.

subscribe button

7. Send out invitation to your email subscribers about times of your live shows.


8.Create a separate list for your livestream viewers where they can get updates about your upcoming shows.


9.Share the livestream to your personal profile during the show and / or share the replay to your personal profile.


10. Ask viewers to share your broadcast while they are watching or the replay.


11. Use Facebook ads to promote your shows. (See how Sarah Prout is promoting her Monday Q & A session.)

sponsored option


Consistency is the key – the more regularly you do it the better you become. Don’t be put off my nobody showing up. It takes time to build the following.

You can also do the Facebook live in the group, you don’t need to be admin, and people in the group will get notifications that you are going live, though check with the Group’s admin if it is ok. here is how you can do it:



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