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How to set powerful goals to have an extraordinary year

To set or not to set goals is a dilemma that we usually  face in the beginning of each year! There are a lot studies proving that people who set the goals are more successful than those who don’t. You can find many articles that are against goal setting arguing that all best intentions are eventually doomed to fail due to various reasons.

Last year I joined the camp “New Year’s resolutions are dead!” as the result my year was the worst I’ve ever had. I had moments in my life when it seemed that it couldn’t get any worse, I was shown that it could. At the same time I am grateful to all the challenges I had because it helped me to open up to my inner wisdom and start listening to my inner voice.


This year I’ve decided to have the best year so I wanted to explorer possibilities to

set powerful goals to have an extraordinary year!

Step 1. Review

Look back at what contributed to your wins and loses. Review your previous year without any judgement, state the facts and move on. There were several mistakes that shaped my 2016, namely, not allowing myself to dream and not having a mentor.

Step 2. Dream

This was  my number one mistake last year, I was so busy with getting on with life that I didn’t have a bigger picture in mind. I didn’t have any particular goals that would have taken my breath away. I was operating at a surviving level – all I wanted to be able to pay my bills running my own business. The change happened around August when I got an inspiration to create my Social Media and Business Mastery Journey Club, this is a project that I keep working on, hence the name “journey”.

A common mistake that many people make at the dream stage is they filter their dreams through the “reality prism” – how realistic their goals sound. At this stage you need to go wild. I am allowing my dreams to have the life of their own, if I want to write “to go on a world tour and have coffee with Oprah…” so be it.

Step 3. Have a mentor or coach

3 years ago my dream to be a full-time business owner came true. It was only possible because I started working with a business mentor. After 18 months I transition as a coach in my mentor’s team helping other business owners to achieve their dreams. The mistake I made at that time was that I didn’t seek another mentor to further my personal development. This year I have joined Brendon Burchard’s monthly programme to be guided by him.

Step 4.  Choose goal achieving strategies and tactics

These tips I’ve learned from Brendon’s video ( the link below)

Singular goals vs progressive goals

Brendon suggests that you need to set a series of goals to keep you motivated to keep progressing throughout the entire year.

 Schedule your success

While listening to Brendon I got confirmation to my own mantra “What gets scheduled gets done!”. However it wasn’t easy for me to come to terms that scheduling is the path towards freedom. I used to hate planning and scheduling, I was more a doing-it-when-I-am-feeling-it type of person, I wanted to be spontaneous.  I have found my way around this, I still don’t like scheduling but now I schedule absolute minimum that needs to be done during the day and the rest is for spontaneous activities.

Reflection routine

This is another tip from Brendon that I am going to apply this year.

Once a week set some time aside to evaluate how you are progressing towards your goals, what’s helping and what obstacles you have encountered. It’s much easier if you track your progress regularly rather feeling disappointed at the end of the year.

Step 5. Have fun!

If you are not having fun while achieving your goals, you are doing something wrong. Bring joy in what you do. Even it requires to be disciplined in your daily routines you still can add an element of fun. While writing a blog post on the first day of the year may not seem like the most fun activity but the sense of achievement and pride that  I have started my year with accomplishing a task for the day brings me tremendous joy.

To make sure that you are going to have an extraordinary year in addition to above mentioned steps you need to have clarity. Clarity what you want to achieve and what can be the easiest ways of doing it. If you would like my help with how to make this year much better than the previous year, book a complimentary 30-minute call with me.

Running a business is a form of art – nurturing my Artist’s Soul

Last weekend I spent at Julia Cameron’s workshop “The Artist’s Way”. Majority there were people whose main occupation involved artistic skills – writers, film makers, singers, artists, painters etc. Many of them pursue arts as a hobby or a part-time job as their passion doesn’t allow them to make a living yet.


IMG_0693 (1)Obviously if your skills are in demand you can turn your passion into your main income generator.

I truly believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to spend their working hours doing what their love.

Unfortunately, it’s not true for too many people. Maybe, because they don’t see that running a business is just another form of art and all you need to do is to unblock your creativity.

This is what I was after when I attended the workshop. I wanted to wake up my creativity. I wanted to find the way to nurture my soul.

Creativity is vital not only for artists but also for business owners.

Because we need to have a source of inspiration to come with ideas how to present our offer that people who we meant to serve can find us.

We need to find some activities that nurture our souls so we can be present in the moment, so we can serve better to our clients.

We need to learn how to listen to and hear our soul.

Things that I’ve mentioned above are possible to achieve by using tools that Julia teaches, and I wanted to list here 3 of them that help me tremendously.


Morning Pages

You write Morning Pages the first thing in the morning after you have woken up. Julia shared that she prepares iced coffee the evening before. It is important to start as soon as possible while our mind is half asleep and we can tap into the subconscious mind.

My morning routine is making coffee first and writing 3 pages while sipping a divine beverage.

It helps me clear my mind, I get answers to my questions and set my intentions for the day. I use it to get clarity how to run my business day, what I’ve been resisting, how I can stretch myself.  Give it a go for at least a week. Read here more about the Morning Pages.

Artist Date

“The Artist Date is a once-weekly, festive, solo expedition to explore something that interests you…”  Personally, I was resisting this exercise because it means that you get comfortable on being on your own. Though it was amazing feeling to go to the cinema on my own for the first time. It may seem like not a big deal but it is vital to show appreciation to yourself. It is important to learn to enjoy your own company, to choose what you really want and also nourish your soul. You are the main asset of your business, you need to make sure that you charge your own batteries.

Self-reflection exercises

To do these you need to either buy a book, or a course, or attend the workshop. It is money well spent. Over the weekend at the workshop there was no escape from doing exercises, which are not complicated. They will tell you so much about yourself. They also will encourage you to move towards your dreams in a practical way.

The exercise that we were asked to do as a homework was to write 3 letters – one from you as a 80-year old to your current you; one from you as a 8-year old and one from the current day you where you share the insides from the course/workshop. You would be surprised how much gentler you will sound when you address yourself as an 80 year old.

Another great book, especially for business owners is

Have you read the book or attended the course? I would love to hear from you, please share your insights.




Why is it important to find a right networking group?

Even though I am a big advocate for online networking but nothing compares with live communication with fellow business owners.

Just a year ago I considered networking as a necessary evil. When I combined my day job and my business, attending networking events added more hours to my working day, and I usually felt tired and drained after that.

Yes, I met some nice people, built relationships but it felt like too much effort.

My attitude towards networking events changed when I started my own business on a full-time basis. Then networking events became my only opportunity to see people in real life and dress up for a change. It’s so easy to become a hermit when you run an online business from home.

I believe that networking should be not only for socialising but for growing your business. Especially if you pay membership fees you would like to see the return on investment of your money and time. So I’ve become more critical in choosing which events to attend.

In December last year lovely Jill Bennett introduced me  to Fabulous Women &Marvelous Men Networking organisation.

I think it was a “love from the first sight” with this networking organisation.

I liked the structure of the meetings.

I loved welcoming atmosphere.

I learned new information from the speaker of the event.

I met new friends.


Photo courtesy of Anna Logan Riversby Fabulous Women &Marvellous Men-Clapham

Photo courtesy of Anna Logan Riversby
Fabulous Women &Marvellous Men-Clapham

Meetings has a balanced mix of social and formal business aspects. You are given an opportunity to tell about your business and what kind of support you are looking for. There are sessions devoted to brainstorm solutions for your current business or personal challenges.

Lately I’ve been attending various groups in different part of London, which is another benefit of being a member of the Fabulous Women &Marvelous Men. As a member I can attend any of the groups.

Through one of the networking events I met my new hairdresser, and she was a visitor not a member at the meeting. This is another bonus – you can have up to three visits to any of the group before you are asked to become a member if you wish to continue attending meetings. By the way April is a Visitors’ Month so you can attend as a guest as many times as you like.

The best part is that Fabulous Women &Marvelous Men has started  my speaker’s career.  One of the benefits of becoming a Member is being able to talk at the networking events.

In the beginning of 2015 on my list of intentions for 2015 I wrote “Give talks”.

Gayle Edwards aka The Breakthru' DivaMy Business Fairy Godmother, amazing Gayle Edwards aka The Breakthru Diva has launched my speaking adventures.

On 21 April I am talking at Richmond Fabulous Women

On 28 April I am giving a talk at the launch event of the Mastermind Group in East Croydon.

On 6 May I am giving presentation at the Social Media Special – How to get fans on Facebook at Interesting Business Talks & Events Meetup in London.

0n 29 May – Southampton Fabulous Women

My deepest gratitude goes to Jane Hardy who has made Fabulous Women &Marvelous Men a networking organisation with the Soul.

Please, in the comments share what your experience with finding right networking group is!


Being an entrepreneur – Influencers – Ann Wilson

This post starts a series of blog posts devoted to influencers in my life in becoming an entrepreneur.

Some of them I met in real life, some of them spoke to me from their books, and I do hope that I will meet them one day in real life.

Some of them inspired me with their lives and work.

I want to start with the post about an amazing woman Ann Wilson.  with Ann Wilson

Ann teaches how to create financial freedom in your life. Her personality fascinates me and I am amazed with her devotion to South Africa, and her passion to empower women in all over the world.

I came across her book in 2013, I’ve signed up for her Financial Freedom University. That was a highlight of the year in 2014.

I’ve changed my attitude towards money completely and my relationship with money changed as well.

Even though it’s a long way till calling myself a millionaire or financially free. I know for sure that I am heading in the right direction.

I’ve attended Ann’s Financial Freedom live event in October in 2014. It was packed with invaluable  information about money management and investment.

But I wanted to share a lesson in setting seemingly impossible goals.

Ann demonstrated how to break the wooden board with just a palm of your hand. And in the beginning I thought it was just a fancy way how to demonstrate goal setting.

I didn’t know that it wasn’t just a demonstration. Our task was to hit the board and break it.  The activity itself taught me so much about my approach to difficult tasks.

First of all, I wanted to refuse doing it because I didn’t want to hurt myself.

I didn’t believe that I can do it, so I found so many reasons why I don’t need to do it.

Think for a moment, don’t we all have  a “sour-grape” syndrome when there is a slightest possibility of failure.

Do we sometimes give up on dreaming because failing is painful?

Then I became curious, I wanted to see whether I can do it too.

This was the main revelation – curiosity is a remedy for fear.

If you feel fearful switch your mind to curiosity  and you will go into a resourceful state of mind.

Then I did it, and it was easy, it didn’t hurt and it was quickly. I dismissed my achievements in a second. If it was so easy, everyone can do it, so it is not a big deal after all.

Only when I saw that not all of people managed to do it and  it’s not that easy after all, only then my achievement seemed valuable.

Do you act like this – dismiss your successes, but scold yourself harshly for the smallest mistakes?

Lesson learned – it’s important to appreciate and acknowledge  our successes, no matter how small or easy they are. We are worth of celebration!

board at ffuNow every time when I have a new challenge in my life, I remind myself of the “chopping board” experience.

I took broken pieces of the board home to keep them as a reminder every time I face challenges or set “impossible” goals.