Creating Facebook Content Calendar – A step-by-step guide

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This is a version of how you can create A Facebook Content Calendar to get more visibility on Facebook without spending too much time. Even if you just create a structure without putting content pieces in place it will save

How to turn your website visitors into your Facebook fans?

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We use Social Media to drive traffic to our website. So it is obvious that we want more people to follow us on our Social Media platforms. When somebody visits your website how easy is it for them to make a

Finding pictures for your Facebook posts using Google search

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When we create posts on Facebook, we want them to be visual and enticing. If you used pictures that you found on Google, you may run into troubles for violating copyrights. In this post I will share how you can

How to schedule posts on Facebook page

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How to have posts on Facebook on regular basis? In order to have a regular presence on Facebook you don’t need to be online every hour; you don’t need to remember to post; you don’t need to agonize what to

What to post on Facebook

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There are many recommendations on what and when to post on Facebook. Taking into account that Facebook has made many changes in News Feed¬†algorithm (formula that determines who can see your page’s updates in their news feed and how often),

How to monitor your Social Media Presence with Hootsuite

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Why Hootsuite? Hootsuite is a software that I use to monitor information across Social Media channels. There are many different other tools but I prefer Hootsuite. I use it to schedule posts on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. I don’t use

Hashtag on Facebook – everybody talks about it


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One of the latest changes on Facebook is #Hashtags What I love about Facebook is that they constantly improve their features and help business owners to be discovered. Somehow Facebook introduced # hashtags only recently, it’s been widely used by

Let’s explore online marketing opportunities!


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This post starts a new path of my journey as a marketing explorer. Talking to many entrepreneurs I’ve noticed that some of them postpone activities of marketing their services online only because they don’t know how to do it and