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How to run giveaways on your Facebook page to grow your list

“Facebook is not a destination but a vehicle to grow your business.”

They say money is in your list, meaning that you can build relationships better communicating with people through their inboxes. It becomes more and more difficult to entice people to part with their email addresses, as we become more selective what we sign up for.  To win a chance to get some gifts seems enticing enough.  Holiday season is perfect for giveaways.  In this article I would like to share some ideas

how to run giveaways on your Facebook page to grow your list.

Main elements:

  • Gift(s) – giveaway
  • Rules
  • Placement
  • Promotion
  • Having fun


  1. The Giveaway

It needs to be related to your business. There is no point in giving away iPad for instance if it is not your business, otherwise you will attract people who want the gift but they are not interested in your products/ services. When the gift is related to your business it will pre-select people who may be interested in what you sell. It can be both – products or services.

    2. Rules

You need to describe the rules of taking part in the competition. You need to include

  • the end date of the giveaway;
  • what actions need to be taken by a participant;
  • participating countries;
  • how the winner will be announced

3. Placement

You can run the contest on the Timeline and also include the element of email collecting but it would require participants to take additional action which may be a turn off. If you run the giveaway on the Timeline you need to observe Facebook rules.

The easiest way to run your giveaway is by using Facebook apps.

There are many Facebook apps that can be used, I used Shortstack. It is easy to set up and manage. It has a free version so you can decide whether you find it suitable for your needs before you commit to a paid version. Make sure that Facebook app is mobile friendly.

Your new Facebook app is visible on your Facebook page as a Tab.  Also change your Cover photo and Call-to-Action to invite people to sign up for your giveaway.


4. Promotion

“Build and they will come” is an illusion. Your giveaway may become viral, of course, but you need to let people know that you are running a giveaway and preferably you would like to attract people who have never heard of you before. Facebook ads can be costly but there are ways how you can decrease your expenses.

You need to run ads for getting Facebook likes (Page promotion) and choose your App as a landing view. Meaning if people click on the picture they will be taken to the Giveaway place. See the picture below.

The process looks like:

⇒ Prepare 3 pictures for the ad – in this case representing the page and the giveaway.

⇒ Go to Ad Manager and choose the ad Promote page.

promote the page

⇒ After you have chosen your target audience and uploaded pictures,

⇒ define the landing view by choosing your Tab.

case study

⇒ Place your order

This method will you give two options – grows your fan base and email list. There are no guarantees that people who liked your page will opt in for the giveaway but still it gives you a better chance to share a message about your page and your giveaway.

Don’t forget that apart from Facebook ads you can create posts on your Facebook page with the link to the Tab.

Click on the link to join our Holiday Giveway free to invite your friends! ( The Raw Greek )

Posted by The Raw Greek on Tuesday, November 24, 2015


You can also invite your existing subscribers  to participate on your Facebook page by sending them a link to your Facebook page. Here is the link to the Facebook post on the Raw Greek Facebook page as an example.

post for the subscribers


5. Having fun

It’s important that you are enjoying the process, otherwise it doesn’t make sense to organise it. One of the reasons why you may not have fun is the fact that you don’t know how to run the competition using Facebook apps. Hopefully this article was of help for you, if you want more help you are welcome to sign up either for the webinar or the course.

Do you want some help how to create your own giveaway campaign but haven’t planned your budget to pay for the services? You have the opportunity to get your Social Media/ Facebook questions answered at the webinar on 2 December – £25 for general public, free for my course participants.


Do you want to make Facebook an efficient tool that brings new business consistently?

Then you can’t miss the opportunity to sign for Facebook Self-Study Course.


What to post on Facebook

There are many recommendations on what and when to post on Facebook. Taking into account that Facebook has made many changes in News Feed algorithm (formula that determines who can see your page’s updates in their news feed and how often), you cannot be sure that recommended post types and timing are suitable for your particular case.

For instance, pictures are among recommended post types, but it doesn’t work for one of my pages, however pictures are the big hit with one of my clients’ pages.

How to know

what to post on Facebook?

The main thing to remember is that you need to monitor your Facebook stats and see what works. for that you need to publish on regular basis.

The video shows how to read the Insights.


 Here is the screen shots:

Facebook insights


To have a wider overview of your stats you need to click on “View all”

There you click on “Posts” and it will show you stats for all your posts.

view all stats


Here you can see how many people have seen your post in their news feed on each given day. These are picture posts, links and status updates. These stats show me that those posts that I’ve shared from other pages and picture posts get less visibility then simple status updates. This gives me a clue if I want more people to see my offers or I want to publish some calls to action, I need to use  status updates.


Example, the first top three posts are status updates, whereas 4th and 5th are posts I’ve shared from other pages. Picture posts are second best visibility wise.

better stats


Personally I do like picture posts, if I see pages which is full of status updates and links, it seems dull and unappealing.  And I don’t want to have a page without pictures, only because Facebook “has chosen” to expose them less.

This is what I did:

I published a status update post, and then in the comments below add an additional question and a picture. In the news feed my post looked like this:




On my page it looked like that and you can see how many people saw it:

pic and comment


If you post several pictures at one go it will be treated as status updates and not a photo, so if the status updates get more visibility you can publish at least two pictures at the same time and it will may increase your visibility.

If you post pictures on regular basis and the content resonates with your audience, you will see that reach of your photo posts will increase eventually.

how to post several pictures at once on

I saw from my insights that post with links are not doing that great either. But I want to drive traffic back to my website, so I adjusted my way of publishing links. By the way I saw people adding links in the comment box, the same way as I did with the picture post above.

Another way how to make sure that your posts with links get more visibility is taking away the preview option:

take away link picture


You click on the cross and it takes away the preview of the website, and click post. Facebook classifies it as a status update and gives more visibility.



This is what works for me, but the situation is completely different for my clients’ pages. You need to read your insights and make adjustments before you try to get more visibility via paid ads.

Please in the comments below share which of your posts get more reach.


You can read more on how to read insights here

What Social Media Tips Can You Learn from Naked Men?

This article will be specially useful if you are in the entertainment industry but there is one main approach that these guys use that is applicable to everybody and should be at a core of all your Social Media Activities.

I came across Dream Idols when I was invited to my friend’s Hen party. This was my first experience with British pre-wedding traditions. We don’t have hen parties in Latvia, at least we did not at the time when I used to live there.

This was also my first male stripper show I’ve ever attended. As their website states

“…the Hottest Male Glamour Group in Europe…”

They were really good, it was a very tasteful show performed by hot men; though I should admit that even this couldn’t distract me from noticing their Social Media strategies (I know it’s sad).

First, what they do, when you enter the club, they offer you to take a picture together with a gorgeous looking half-naked guy. And the first question that comes up is how much it’s going to cost to get the picture taken by a professional photographer. The answer is “Nothing!”.

Photo is published on Facebook page, and you can tag yourself or share photos, or download them.

Dream Idols Show

visit Facebook Dream Idols to view more photos!


give people a reason to visit your Facebook page – either offering a useful information regularly, or inviting them to post photos, organising contest, discounts etc.

It turned out that we got VIP tickets and were seated in the front row which was a real treat but I was still able to make mental notes how clever they are with creating a buzz about the show using Social Media tools.

Of course, I was checking-in on Facebook saying that I am about to watch a hot show.

fb example

Guys organised a contest on the best photo from the show, inviting viewers to take pictures and post them on Twitter using their Twitter handle @DREAMIDOLS. The author of the best picture would get a bottle of champagne.

Imagine, when Twitter feeds are flooded with hundreds of photos, it will draw attention of potential new viewers and show organisers that would be interested in booking guys to perform at their events.

If you go to their Twitter account you will see that from time to time they direct you to their Facebook page.


dream idols twitter link


drive traffic across all your Social Media channels.

The idea to write this article was triggered when I saw that they’d posted link to their Google+ page. In my books it says that guys mean business.

Google+ combines best features of LinkedIn and Facebook – it’s less corporate than LinkedIn and less casual than Facebook. This is a potential channel where they can get a corporate bookings.


you should be present on those Social Media platforms where your potential customers are.

The show itself was brilliant, the performance and staging were stunning.

Dream Idols

The main principle that they applied in all their Social Media activities and I believe everyone who wants to be successful in their Social Media attempts should do.

                      They put their fans  in the spotlight.

They give opportunity to their fans to share their experience, to be part of their success.

Their fans are directly engaged in what they’re doing and this also explains why they’ve got about 3,000 new fans on Facebook within the space of just a couple of weeks.

After the show there was a queue of girls wanting to have photos with the guys. I couldn’t resist, and you guessed it right I could get my photo by visiting their Facebook page.

facebook idols