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3 stages of live broadcasting – how it impacts your business

3 stages of livestreaming

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This article is written to help entrepreneurs who haven’t tried live broadcasting yet, or tried a couple of times but haven’t turn it into a business tool. It doesn’t cover technical aspects (which button to press) it’s more about mindset

Do you make these 5 silly Facebook advertising mistakes?


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Some business owners still remember the time when their fans could see almost all of their posts and now they resent the idea that Facebook doesn’t provide full exposure. It seems that only “organic reach” shows how successful or not

How to set powerful goals to have an extraordinary year


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To set or not to set goals is a dilemma that we usually  face in the beginning of each year! There are a lot studies proving that people who set the goals are more successful than those who don’t. You

Digital decluttering – blog posts


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Many people are familiar with decluttering of the physical environment. Though in our digital age there is a lot of virtual clutter around us. While overflowing inbox may cause a slight sense of overwhelm your digital debris on your website

Changing your Social Media Strategy in 2017?


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2017 is just around the corner. Is it going to be different? Or will it be the repeat of 2016 – hopeful and full of plans in the beginning and disappointing in the end? Do you plan to change your

How to integrate your activities on Busker on Facebook business page

busker facebook

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In this article I am talking about how to integrate your activities on Busker on your Facebook business page. Sharing how to: promote your scheduled broadcast on Facebook; repurpose your broadcast after the show. Busker is one the newest livestream

Tips on how to get more views on your blog via Social Media

Tips on how to get more views on your blog via Social Media

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This article will be helpful for those who write a blog but don’t get many readers. Before we go to tips on how to get more views on your blog via Social Media   You need to be able to

Social Media Makeover Sessions -birthday offer


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June is the month when I celebrate my birthday. I love receive presents and at the same time I love giving gifts. I would love to give you CLARITY, TIME and MONEY!  This article can be labeled as commercial but since

11 Tips on using Facebook Live for your business

fb live business blog title

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11 Tips on using Facebook Live for your business Livestreaming is becoming more and more popular. There are so many opportunities now to connect with people all around the world in a live mode. Now your followers can see the

Creating Facebook Content Calendar – A step-by-step guide

Blog Facebook content calendar

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This is a version of how you can create A Facebook Content Calendar to get more visibility on Facebook without spending too much time. Even if you just create a structure without putting content pieces in place it will save